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Where are your products made? Are they 100% nail polish?

Where are your products made?

I have been getting this question a lot lately. 

First things first.

Color street stylists, I feel like some of you aren't happy having a new brand that sells a similar product as you but trust me I am not trying to steal your business away! I love Color Street. They are who inspired me to create my own brand of nail polish strips because I loved the product so much! It is my belief that there is enough business in this world to support all businesses, big and small. I am one of those small businesses just trying to build something for myself.

My strips are made in China and then shipped to me in Everett, Washington and that is where I pack, label and ship the products out to you. I try to be very considerate when it comes to shipping. Unless I am out of town(if I am, the shipping times will be posted on my website) I try and ship your orders out same day or next day. I realize that most of us have gotten used to Amazon's 2 day shipping and like to get our items quickly. 

The second question I get is "Are your strips made from 100% nail polish".

Now this is a hard question to answer, only because I do not know the definition of "100% nail polish". What is 100% nail polish? Brands such as OPI, Essie and Orly will not have the same list of ingredients. They all vary but I would still consider them all 100% nail polish. Now with polish strips(maybe not all brands) you will find some of the same ingredients as liquid polish but you will also find some added polymers which are necessary in order to provide it's flexible properties. So I would say our strips are "real" nail polish as they are removed with nail polish remover. That is the best answer I have to the question of them being "100% nail polish". 

I would also say that our strips are a little thicker than Color Street and some would say that is good, others would say it is bad. I guess it is a personal preference and just a matter of trying multiple brands until you find the right one for your nails. I would never try and knock down another brand and say that they are "this" or "that" or "ours is better because of this". I would rather work on my own self and my own business to build it up to how I want it to be and let the right customers come to me. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves who they want to support based on what is important to them. 

If you are wondering about the ingredients, you can find what our polish strips are made of on the website here 

On that page you will find a website where you can enter any ingredient from the list and see how toxic it is on a scale of 1 to 10. 

I know this was a long response to two simple questions but I felt the need to post this detailed answer for anyone who has these same questions in the future. 



Owner/Founder of Blispy


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