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About Us


At Blispy we are committed to inspiring positivity and true happiness and sharing love for beautiful nails. 

About Us

We are a woman owned company based in the PNW with 12 years of experience in the nail service industry and a growing desire to learn. 

Blispy nail polish strips feature 20 double-ended strips in each set. Blispy Pedi features 16 toenail strips in each set. Our nail strips are made in China and packed and distributed from Everett, Washington. You can find our list of ingredients here

The word Blispy comes from the words Bliss(supreme happiness) and Espy(to catch sight of).

You know when you look down at your freshly painted nails and you get that 'feel good' feeling that makes you say "ahh.." or when you're sitting on the beach, eyes closed with the bright sun beating down on your face? For us at Blispy those are the things that bring us true bliss and give us that deep sense of happiness. 

We encourage everyone to find that thing that brings them true happiness, and try to fill your life with it as much as you can.

Everyone deserves to be happy!

Find your bliss!