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How to apply nail strips

1. Prep nails to create the ideal base for application.

2. Wash hands

3. Start with one hand and use the provided wipe to remove any excess oil from the nail plate.

TIP: Buff the top of your nail to remove any shine from the nail for longer wear. A rough surface will provide better adhesion. Just make sure to use a fine grit buffer made for the surface of the nail.

4. Choose a polish strip that matches the size of your nail. To do this hold up each strip to your nail to find which one matches the base of your nail bed. 

TIP: Make sure you do not choose a polish strip that is too big. If the strip extends onto the skin on either side of the nail the strip will lift from being exposed to the natural oils in your skin. Try your best to place the strip only on the clean nail plate. This is how you will get the best results and longer wear.


5. Remove the single polish strip from the others by gently tearing them apart. 

6. Peel back the thin clear plastic film from the top of the strip.

7. Remove the polish strip from the backing.

8. Tear silver tab at perforations. You can then select which end you would like to use.


9. Carefully place the polish strip as close to the base of the nail as you can without placing it on the skin. If you accidentally place it off center you can carefully peel it off and try again until it is just right.

10. Press the polish strip onto the nail and use FIRM pressure to smooth it down in an outward direction towards the end of the nail.

11. Take your nail file and gently file along the edge of your nail in a downward motion. This will create a perforation and you can pull off the excess from the end of your nail. Lightly smooth the edge of the nail with the file, again in a downward motion.


12. Repeat with all nails.

TIP: Avoid taking a shower or doing dishes right after applying your nail polish strips. They need time to fully dry all the way through after application! 

If the strips are placed on the cuticle, once you come in contact with water the water will get under the strip and cause them to come off which is very disappointing! It is better to leave a little bit of room away from your cuticle to make sure they get proper adhesion.

You can use a top coat over the strips if you would like but this is not necessary. 

 *If you have any unused polish strips that you would like to use again make sure you keep them in the foil package and place them in a sealed bag such as a ziplock bag. Once exposed to air the strips will eventually dry out as they come 95% dry and continue to dry the rest of the way once exposed to air and applied. 



To Remove

1. Use nail polish remover to remove the polish strips from your nails. 100% acetone works the best, you can find this at most drug stores. Do not peel the strip from your nail. This could damage your nail and cause them to become more brittle.

2. Wash your hands

3. Moisturize your hands and nails with lotion and/or cuticle oil